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The safety services group was formed in 1979 and comprises od Emirates Safety Services ( Abu Dhabi, Dubai) , Safety Marine Services (Sharjah, Abu Dhabi) , Safety Audit Services (United kingdom ), Spectrum Professional Training ( United kingdom), Safety Technical Services ( Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Oman) , Safety Marine Equipment  (Dubai), Safety Star Testing ( Dubai) , Safety Technical Enterprises ( Fujairah) , Seatronix Marine Services ( Dubai), Al Nayzek Safety Services (Basrah –Iraq), Safety Techno Services Ltd (UK) and the newest member of the Group Safety Techno Services  Pars (Iran)

It is now established and recognized as one of the middle east’s major in – house lifting equipment , crane inspection, certification and approved agencies and has manufacturing facilities producing various types of steel wire rope slings, chains and all associated lifting tackle.

All our manufacturing, testing and certification is performed in accordance with U.A.E Federal law No. 8, 1980 and ministerial order No. 32, 1982 and to international standards, conducted by approved and qualified engineers.

Our manufacturing facilities produce WEB slings of 4 ply by any  reasonable width and any length required, conforming to British standards BS 1492:1 – 2000 + A1: 2008, BS 1492-2: 2000 +A1:2008, BS 1492 – 4 : 2004 + A1: 2008, steel wire rope slings up to 6” diameter. Slings are manufactured with aluminum ferrule or super loop eyes with steel ferrule as per customers requirements and complying to British standards. Our manufacturing facilities also include a 100 ton tensile test bed, a 600 ton hydraulic jack testing unit and a 1000 ton test bed.