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IOSK Group base facilities in Shiraz (in South of Iran) are the central staff and headquarter for our services. It is in charge for the implementation of the repair processes and major overhauls of industrial turbines, pumps and control valve.

Based on National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) major overhaul certificate, our activities comprise the following:


 - GE Gas Turbine (5002F5, 6000F6,MS5002C&D),

 - MAN TURBO Gas Turbine (THM1203, THM1304),

 - ROLLS ROYCE Gas Turbine(AVON 1533, 1534, 1535),

 - SIEMENS Gas Turbine (SGT100, 200 & 500 & all Ruston TA, TD, TBs & EM85),

 - SOLAR Gas Turbine (Saturn, Centaur, Taurus & Mars),

 - SOLAR Compressor (All models),

 - MAN TURBO Compressor (CP100,CP80),


 - SIEMENS Steam Turbine (All models).

Also we focus on best and lowest possible time, enhancing cost-effective services while working to the utmost of necessary standards. Therefore, it is right now possible for IOSK Group to provide the following with regard to available know-how and valuable experiences in this regards:

  • Gas Turbines
  • Steam Turbines
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Control Valve