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We started our activities almost two decade ago and have continued in the relevant fields of expertise. One of our major specialties comprises of gas and steam turbines overhaul and refurbishment. Major overhauls are carried out by our highly trained teams and personnel, as well as available general and special equipment and tools for any overhaul. Moreover, appropriate measures for the establishment of a well-equipped and specialized workshop are taken. we have standard guarantees and after-sales services. Consequently, and based on aforementioned interpretations, IOSK has the ability and capacity to provide repair services for all rotating equipment based on our NIOC’s certificate 


Also based on update equipment and refurbishment specialist personnel, we can extend the life of your turbines with repair and rejuvenation. IOSK Group have advanced NDT knowledge and skills to interpret and evaluate findings during the florescent inspection process.IOSK overhaul and refurbishment services include the following items:


*Complete Overhaul

*Separate Engine Complexes Repair

*Repair & Refurbishment

*Upgrading and Retrofit

*OEM Part Supply

*Parts Manufacturing

*Technical consultancy