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We started our activities almost a decade ago and have continued in the relevant fields of expertise.
One of our major specialties comprises of gas and steam turbines.
In this department, major and minor overhauls are carried out by our highly trained teams and personnel, as well as available general and special equipment and tools for any major/minor overhaul.
Moreover, appropriate measures for the establishment of a well-equipped and specialized workshop are taken.
Currently, routine overhaul services for all Ruston gas turbine models, including TB4000 and TB5000, as well as Solar models, especially Mars 90 & 100 and Centaur C40 & C50 are carried out at IOSK workshops.
We have been thus far the sole provider of Solar Mars 90 overhauls in Iran and we are able to expand these services throughout the Middle East.
A privilege exists in our services that if a particular customer requires IOSK to manufacture certain parts in order to be more cost-effective and economical, their requirements will be completely fulfilled. These parts are manufactured with the best quality in accordance with the original samples in quantitative and qualitative terms. They have standard guarantees and after-sales services.
Consequently, and based on aforementioned interpretations, IOSK has the ability and capacity to provide repair services for the following engines:
1-    Siemens (TA1500 & 1750, TD4000, TB4000, TB5000, TB5400, SGT100, 200, 300 & 500 & EM85),
2-    Solar (Saturn, Centaur, Taurus & Mars),
3-    Rolls Royce (AVON 1533, 1534, 1535 & Olympus),
4-    GE (MS 1002(PGT5), 5002 CF5, 6000F6, MS5002C, D),
7-    All kind of Steam Turbine

IOSK service packages include the following items:

1-    Inspection
2-    Complete Overhaul
3-    Separate Engine Complexes Repair
4-    Upgrading and Retrofit
5-    OEM Part Supply
6-    Part Manufacturing through Reverse Engineering
7-    Supply Refurbished Engines
8-    Low Speed Rotor Balancing based on Standard Grades
9-    Relocation
10-    Condition Monitoring
11-    Service Provider for Installation and Commissioning
12-    Package Revamping
13-    Technical consultancy